Katowice. The capital of Upper Silesia Region

The city of possibilities

Katowice. Capital of Upper Silesia Region, center of the largest, most urbanized metropolitan area in Poland, with almost three million inhabitants. The city used to be associated with the heavy industry; today, it is a modern center of culture and business travel.


Katowice will surprise you with its thorough, multifaceted transformation. Traditional industries are replaced by innovative sectors of the economy, highly developed technologies, and advanced services. Public space is changing, cultural events are increasing in number, and local communities' requirements are increasing as well.

The citizens of Katowice no longer need to leave the city to listen to the best artists performing various styles of music (Festivals: OFF, Nowa Muzyka, JazzArt), to watch avant-garde movies (Ars Independent Festival) and stage performances (Festival of Directorial Arts “Interpretations” [Festiwal Sztuki Reżyserskiej Interpretacje]), to get a closer look at street art (Katowice Street Art Festival) and world-class architectural projects (the seat of Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra or the Silesian Museum)

the city on a roll

South of A4 motorway

Perfect conditions for investment

The A4 motorway crossing the city divides Katowice into two distinguished parts: northern and southern.
In terms of retail, these two areas are partially independent of each other.

4 strong advantages of southern Katowice

  1. enormous demographic resources

    520 thousand inhabitants

  2. high purchasing power of the population

    even 25% higher than the country average

  3. low shop floor density

    south: 224 sqm per 1,000 inhabitants,
    north: 1,219 sqm per 1,000 inhabitants

  4. perfect communication with the entire Silesian

    national road no. 81
    convenient connection to A4 motorway

New communication. New possibilities

Fast and without traffic jams.

The centre is equipped with two convenient
entrances. Moreover, the mass transit
arragement at the intersection of Kościuszki
and Kolejowa street will be revised to provide a
comfortable access from each side of the city
and expedite increased traffic. Public transport
stops located in close vicinity to the entrances
also allow non-drivers to reach the gallery
fast and safely.