High demographic and economic potential of the local population

A total of over 810,000 people inhabit the catchment area of Galeria Libero,
of which nearly 520,000 people live south of the A4 road.

The potential which is still growing

If you decide where to settle, choose south.

The southern part of Katowice is developing very rapidly. Here are the housing areas which
are perceived as the best
in town. At least 10 of these have been developed here during the recent years,
and more are pending or planned. Luxurious, family-friendly enclaves composed of
modern multi-family buildings and houses surrounded by green areas are extremely popular among property buyers.

3000 customers are studying right now

A student campus is located within the first catchment area of Galeria Libero, with 10 student hostels inhabited by 3,000 students of the Medical University, the University of Silesia, the University of Economics and the Katowice School of Economics, as well as 3 groups of school buildings of the Medical University and the Katowice School of Economics.