Libero and GKS Katowice still plays together


Following the winning streak of three promotions, the female GKS Katowice team is ready to conquest the Ekstraklasa which is the top Polish football league for women. Libero will still support the girls in achieving more success and will remain the main sponsor of the team also in this league season.

The Libero logo has been featured on GKS footballers’ kits since 2016. At that time, the team was right after its first triumph and the girls were just starting the third-highest league in Poland. From the very beginning, it was important for Libero to focus on efforts vital to Katowice and its people.

 “We support sports and cultural efforts in Katowice because we feel part of this local community. We appreciate the passion and commitment of the girls from the female GKS Katowice team and we are convinced that we want to play with them in one team. We are proud of the team’s successes, we keep our fingers crossed for success in the Ekstraliga and we look forward to the first match of the footballers”, said Urszula Łatka-Styrkowiec, Asset Manager of Libero.

“It is very important for our club to work with the sponsor who identifies with the spirit of sport and takes part in developing a place for recreation in the city. We are aware that we are creating together a football history in Katowice. In the new season, our players will compete in the Ekstraliga with the best teams in the country. The girls feel the support from the sponsor and the city community, which is crucial and allows to focus on sport rivalry. The cooperation with Libero enables us to create fully professional working conditions for the team. What is more, the feeling that someone cheers for us and believe in our success boosts our morale and encourages to work harder”, commented Marcin Janicki, President of GKS Katowice.

Libero is a new and exciting place on the map of Katowice – a fresh look at shopping, entertainment, recreation, and sport. It’s a friendly and comfortable space designed in a very fresh way, but with a classic aesthetic approach. A place for meetings, inspiration, fascination or even just a nice time spent.

Over 150 stores, many restaurants, cafes, a cinema, a fitness club – Libero is the only place in the region with such a wide range of sports and recreation. It is also a modern, urban square with an amphitheatre, a seasonal ice rink, places for recreation, stationary games, and other outdoor activities.