Silesian debute in Libero


Instead of old-fashioned store shelves with shoes, bags and accessories, clients of a new shoe store will find modern multimedia screens and tablets place their orders. The store in Libero will be one of the cutting-edge shop in the country.

Brick-and-mortar online store

“ is an interactive shoe store with shoes and accessories which no one has seen before in Silesia. It represents two worlds, seamlessly blending what physical store clients like with the best online shopping experience. We are proud that one of the first locations of this brand in Poland, and the first in Silesia, will be located in Libero in Katowice. This is another novelty on the Silesian market, which debuts in our complex. We are happy to welcome in Libero innovativeness and comfortable shopping solutions as well as an extremely wide range of tens of thousands of products” – comments Szymon Mińczuk, Leasing Regional Director in Echo Investment’s Shopping Centre Department.


The shoe store of in Libero will be their third store in Poland and the first in Silesia. Instead of displaying on old-fashioned store shelves, all products will be presented by so-called digital signage i.e. on several dozens of connected high resolution screens. Thanks to this system, as well as thanks to an application created especially for needs of the store, clients will be able to choose from tens of thousands of models of shoes and bags. Selected products are delivered from the store’s smart back to try on within three minutes. If a product is not available immediately and it is ordered before 1 p.m., a client could pick it up on the same day. Products of the 24h offer, ordered after 1 p.m. will be ready to try them on next day.


“The concept of gives their clients a unique opportunity to choose which cannot be found anywhere else. Several thousand pairs of shoes and bags are available for you to try on and buy in three minutes. If we are not able to deliver at this time – a client gets a discount. In addition – in the 24h offer – we deliver every product available on the website, which is not in the store in Libero. In this concept, clients have access to over 50,000 products of over 450 brands. These are large-scale, breakthrough solutions, unconventionally combining technology and fashion” – says Marcin Grzymkowski, President of The President emphasizes also that, free returns are available in the physical location, the same as in case of online shopping. is one of Poland’s dynamically developing companies, its revenues are continuing to grow from year to year. This year, the goal is to exceed PLN 1 billion in revenue. At the end of April, the company received the Imagine Excellence prize in Las Vegas in the category of the Most Innovative Consumer Experience for creating a unique, multi-channel shopping experience combining the use of a mobile application with a shopping system in physical stores.

From January 2016 the online store is owned by another giant in this business, CCC Group. The online footwear retailer operates on 13 European markets.

Libero is built at the intersection of Kościuszki and Kolejowa streets, where over 15 thousand vehicles per hour travel past during rush hour. Along with the rapidly-progressing construction process, an advanced commercialization process is being carried out. Over 95 percent of Libero has already been leased and among the Libero tenants are brands such as: Helios, Fabryka Formy, MkBowling, Centrum Medyczne GynCentrum, Media Markt, RTV Euro AGD, iDream, Sony Centre, H&M, Grupa LPP (Reserved, Mohito, Sinsay, Cropp, House), Forever 21, New Yorker, Made in G, Guess, Carry, Simple, Gino Rossi, Quiosque, Orsay, Greenpoint, Triumph, Calzedonia, Gatta, Medicine, Diverse, Lee Wrangler , Big Star, Vistula, Wólczanka, Lancerto, Lavard, Giacomo Conti, CCC, Deichmann, Ochnik, Wojas, Ryłko, Sizeer, Smyk, Douglas, Rossmann, Apteka Europejska, Wittchen, Tous, Pandora, Apart, W.Kruk, YES, Martes Sport, 4F, Puma, Empik, Świat Książki, Home&You, Homla, Flying Tiger, Zebrano Rano, Papa Diego, Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks, North Fish, Bon Apetito, Food&Ball, Sushi Kofuku and many more.

Since 2016, Libero has been a sponsor of the women’s team, GKS Katowice.