Ochnik in Libero


High quality leather products, unique design and perfect finish – these are the features that the Polish OCHNIK brand has been associated with for years. Apart from the traditional product range, the store which is to open in Libero, will also sell a lot of new items e.g. shoes, suitcases and designer travel accessories.

OCHNIK currently has more than 90 stores operating on the Polish market and a dynamically growing online store.

“We are very prudent in expanding our brand by targeting the best shopping malls that play the role of regional centres. There are not many such places in Poland but Libero in Katowice immediately aroused our interest. A well-chosen offer, perfect location, modern architecture and completely new features – this will definitely work,” says Arkadiusz Konarski, the director of development of the OCHNIK chain.

“OCHNIK is another Polish brand which is popular with customers and will enrich Libero’s offer. It is not only its almost 30-year presence on the market that deserves recognition but also openness and readiness to change. The modern interior design of OCHNIK in Libero will surely impress visitors. In the middle you will find a complete assortment of the brand: not only leather clothing and accessories but also textiles, shoes, suitcases and travel accessories,” says Michał Banasik, a senior leasing manager at Echo Investment’s Shopping Centre Department.

Libero is being developed at the junction of Kościuszki Street and Kolejowa Street, which are used by over 15,000 vehicles per hour at peak times. The construction of Galeria Libero is accompanied by an advanced commercialization process. As much as 95% of Libero’s area has already been leased. The most important retailers of Libero include brands such as: Piotr i Paweł, Helios, Fabryka Formy, MkBowling, the GynCentrum medical centre, Media Markt, RTV Euro AGD, iDream, Sony Centre, H&M, Grupa LPP (Reserved, Mohito, Sinsay, Cropp, House), Forever 21, New Yorker, Guess, Carry, Simple, Gino Rossi, Orsay, Greenpoint, Triumph, Calzedonia, Diverse, Lee Wrangler , Big Star, Vistula, Wólczanka, Giacomo Conti, Lancerto, Lavard, Giacomo Conti, CCC, Deichmann, Ochnik, Wojas, Ryłko, Sizeer, Smyk, Douglas, Rossmann, Apteka Europejska, Wittchen, Tous, Pandora, Apart, W.Kruk, YES, Martes Sport, 4F, Puma, Empik, Świat Książki, Home&You, Flying Tiger, Zebrano Rano, Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks, North Fish, Bon Apetito, Food&Ball, Sushi Kofuku and many others.

Since 2016 Libero has been a sponsor of the female team of the GKS Katowice sports club.