100 percent flavours in Libero


Gastronomy and entertainment will occupy nearly 20 pct of the area in Libero: it was one of the most important assumptions of this project. Echo Investment has just signed the last agreement which closes the development of the culinary offer.

Poles spend more and more time outside their homes and they are eager to look for new culinary experiences, that is why Echo Investment’s specialists designed Libero so as to meet customers’ needs and provide them with new excitement. Shopping has become just one of the functions served by the place – and it is not the most important one.

“It was a good choice. We can already boast now that we composed a full set of excellent gastronomy brands, which will soon invite us to their tables in Libero,” says Marcin Materny, member of the board at Echo Investment.

A carefully designed offer of the restaurant zone will be suitable for business lunches, pleasant dinners as well as long meetings with friends or family. This is a well-thought-out arrangement and an interior which is dominated by natural materials and friendly colours. Such an offer enjoyed a huge interest of large gastronomy chains as well as local restaurateurs who create unique places. Pizza Hut decided to open its first ‘dine-in’ restaurant in Katowice. It is an innovative solution which is based on a refreshed menu, open kitchen and atmospheric interior design, the concept is only present in a few places in Poland and soon it is to open in Libero. The ‘Food & Ball’ pub of Arkadiusz Milik, which has chosen Libero for the debut of this author’s concept, will complement this picture. The last contract which closes the lease of the culinary zone in Libero was signed with McDonald’s. This popular chain will occupy an area of 100 sqm in Libero. According to the new philosophy, the restaurant will be operated under the ‘Good Food Fast’ slogan, which has replaced the traditional ‘Fast Food’ one. These are no longer places where you went to have a quick snack and left after a short time. The new vision of the brand development envisages its care for a high quality of products and an extended menu as well as a friendly and cosy interior.

“A lot of functions interpenetrate each other in Libero. Gastronomy is connected with entertainment and it accompanies recreation as well as culture. The food court in Libero has been equipped with a spacious leisure terrace including comfortable seats and overlooking the city, which is available to all. You can have coffee here, eat a meal or simply spend a good time. Meanwhile indoors people can use covered gardens i.e. a pleasant and first of all quiet, green island which is ideal for having a rest or social meetings. The young ones will be offered an excellently furnished, safe and completely free playground,” adds Marcin Materny, member of the board at Echo Investment.

Apart from the restaurant and cafe offer, which will be available in Libero all year round, the investor promises seasonal attractions related to food and entertainment. A spacious and cleverly designed outdoor square in front of the facility, which is suitable for a lot of functions, will make it possible to organize a lot of events. They will include festivals of local cuisines, bio-bazaars, food trucks, summer cafes as well as seasonal ice-rinks and slides in the winter.

Other characteristic features of Libero include a strong emphasis on sport and entertainment. It is worth mentioning a large fitness club as well as a bowling alley including a bar and its own pizzeria as well as the first cinema multiplex in the south of Katowice, which is to be operated by the largest Polish cinema chain – Helios.