Piotr i Paweł in Libero


Libero will offer an opportunity to do shopping in a Piotr i Paweł supermarket. The popular Polish grocery chain has leased an area of over 1,400 sqm in Libero.

“We are opening another supermarket of the Piotr i Paweł chain in Katowice. We know this market and customers know our brand, which they appreciate for its broad range of products and high quality. We are a Polish chain which successfully combines tradition with modernity and has been effectively competing against foreign concepts. We offer the average of 15,000 products at competitive prices to our customers, from articles of necessity and a broad range of products of the ‘Piotr i Paweł’ brand to fresh and local products which could be bought at a local market or niche delicacies imported from various parts of the world. We chose Libero due to its excellent location right next to the main traffic route in the city, thanks to which residents of nearby towns located south of Katowice will be able to also use our shop. The quality architecture of the mall and convenient transport solutions are also important for us,” says Ewa Aleszczyk-Kalinowska, spokesperson of the Piotr i Paweł chain.

“In times when educated consumers consciously choose the quality grocery offer and discount shops stopped being as popular as they used to be, it was very important for us to rent the area in Libero to a very good grocery operator. Piotr i Paweł is definitely an excellent choice. It is a brand which guarantees a broad range of products as well as top quality of the products and service. It is well-tried and popular in Katowice,” says Tomasz Domoń, regional leasing director at Echo Investment.

Piotr i Paweł is a Polish chain of supermarkets which currently includes 145 supermarkets all over Poland. The chain had a turnover of 2.233 bln in 2016 and it serviced over 5 mln customers per month. Piotr i Paweł is a significant Polish employer which provides jobs to over 5,000 people in its headquarters, shops and logistic warehouses. The chain has been operating an online shop, which services consumers from all over Poland nowadays.
In 2017 the Polish chain is planning its further organic growth, which will make it possible to exceed 150 supermarkets and continue working on its technological development (including the Scan and Buy project), the modernization of the oldest shops and optimisation of its current locations.

The construction of Libero is on schedule. Advanced commercialization process is conducted regardless of the progressing construction work. Over 75 pct of Libero’s retail area has been leased. Libero is characterized by its excellent location at the junction of Kościuszki Street and Kolejowa Street, which are used by over 15,000 vehicles per hour at peak times. The redevelopment of the road layout near Libero started in July this year. Echo Investment signed a contract with Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Drogowo-Inżynieryjnego S.A. concerning the construction of a new crossroads. Libero is planned to be opened in spring 2018.