KFC in Libero


A restaurant of the KFC international chain is to be opened in Libero, which is developed by Echo Investment in the south of Katowice.

“Newly opened restaurants are characterized by a refreshed design, which is strongly embedded in the values and history of the KFC brand. That is why we decided to join Libero, where a modern concept of the food court corresponds to our standards. A significant element of the restaurant’s interior design is its open kitchen, thanks to which guests can see how KFC chicken is prepared. Adding our chain to Libero’s offer is an important step in the development of the KFC brand on the Polish market,” says Adrian Wnęk from AmRest’s press office.

“Great efforts are made so as to make the gastronomy offer one the characteristic features of Libero. Comfortable zones, restaurants offering various cuisines, friendly lighting are the elements which we particularly take care of. KFC – a chain which sets new trends and introduces modern solutions for its customers – had to be part of Libero’s offer,” says Marcin Szlufik, senior leasing manager from Echo.

KFC is a global chain of restaurants serving chicken dishes and a pioneer of fast food restaurants. About 12 mln guests are serviced daily in over 18,000 restaurants of the chain in more than 100 countries all over the world. In Poland the KFC brand is managed by AmRest, which currently operates over 500 KFC restaurants in 9 European countries.

The construction of Libero is on schedule. Advanced commercialization process is conducted regardless of the progressing construction work. Over 70 pct of Libero’s retail area has been leased. Libero is characterized by its excellent location at the junction of Kościuszki Street and Kolejowa Street, which are used by over 15,000 vehicles per hour at peak times. The redevelopment of the road layout near Libero started in July this year. Echo Investment signed a contract with Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Drogowo-Inżynieryjnego S.A. concerning the construction of a new crossroads. The completion of the redevelopment is planned for March 2018. Libero is planned to be opened in spring 2018.