Empik in Libero


Empik is the largest and the most recognizable distribution chain of cultural goods, knowledge and entertainment. Its shop will occupy an area of 400 sqm in Galeria Libero which is being developed by Echo Investment.

“In Libero we will open an Empik shop with an area of nearly 400 sqm. Such a spacious outlet will guarantee the availability of our full offer – from books and the press, to music, films and multimedia games, to educational and creative products, to stationary, board games and toys. It will be a modern, cosy area offering a friendly atmosphere, which will promote slow shopping, it will be full of inspiration and will encourage customers to develop their passions. We will make every effort to also make it a place of contact with the so-called live culture – during meet the author sessions with writers and musicians. I think that this cultural aspect of the Empik shop will complement Libero as a place where the broadly understood non-retail offer, including culture and entertainment, plays an important role,” says Katarzyna Kamińska-Nobis, Senior Leasing Manager from Empik SA.

“Empik is a popular spot which is appreciated by a lot of customers. Its format, high standard of service and broad range of products are perfectly in line with the offer of Galeria Libero. Shops of the chain attract a group of active and demanding customers, who will certainly also appreciate Libero as it will not just be a place for shopping but also an area suitable for meetings and spending time with friends in an interesting and creative way,” says Tomasz Domoń, manager of the commercialization team at Echo Investment’s Shopping Centre Department.

Empik is currently the largest modern sales chain of cultural products in Poland. It belongs to the Empik Media & Fashion group and it has nearly 70 years of experience. The chain includes over 200 shops all over the country and they are visited by 30 million customers every year.

The construction of Galeria Libero started last summer. The construction process is on schedule. The completion of the shell stage is planned for August 2017. Advanced commercialization process is in progress regardless of the construction work. More than 60 pct of the retail area in Libero has already been leased.