The construction of Libero has entered a decisive phase!


The construction of Galeria Libero has entered a decisive phase. The stage of structural work which will result in one of the most modern retail and entertainment facilities in Upper Silesia, has stared.

On October 18th representatives of Katowice municipality and the management board of the developer – Echo Investment – ceremoniously signed the groundbreaking plaque and subsequently laid the foundation stone, which officially started the construction of the mall. The ceremony was organized at the building site on Kościuszki Street. The meeting was attended by representatives of Katowice municipality, including the deputy mayor Bogumił Sobula. Echo Investment was represented by the president of the board Nicklas Lindberg and Marcin Materny, member of the board and director of the Shopping Centre Department. Participants also included architects from the MOFO architectural studio, representatives of the contractor – Erbud, heads of sports clubs supported by Libero – GKS Katowice and KS Rozwój as well as tenants of Galeria Libero.

“It is an important part of our investment strategy, we not only build shopping centres, we build places where people meet and spend their time. We want to be part of the local community that is why we cooperate and support local football clubs and cultural institutions. We want to integrate with you.” said Nicklas Lindberg, president of the board at Echo Investment.

“While designing Galeria Libero we wanted to create something completely new for residents of Silesia and Katowice. We focused on two characteristics – a unique offer for clients and unique architecture. The entirety is complemented by sport, entertainment and gastronomy, which occupy more than 30 pct of the area.” emphasized Marcin Materny, member of the board and director of Echo Investment’s Shopping Centre Department.

“I am glad that the traffic layout enabling customers to get to Libero will be thoroughly redeveloped by Echo. It will be an added value for this part of the city and the result will benefit not only customers of Galeria Libero.” said Bogumił Sobula, deputy mayor of Katowice, during the opening ceremony.

The construction of Galeria Libero has been in progress from July this year. Its first stage involved the preparation of the work: the buildings at the site were demolished, the power grid and the water supply network were relocated and the contractor’s temporary plant and facilities were organized. The work was on schedule and now it has entered its most important stage – the construction of the structural part of the facility. The first stage involved the construction of foundations of Galeria Libero. Mariusz Szatański, project manager in the Shopping Centre Department, who supervises the construction process on behalf of Echo Investment: “We will finish the foundations in Libero by the end of February next year, the next stage will involve the construction of the a reinforced concrete and steel structure of the facility, which will last about six months. The completion of the shell stage is planned for the end of July 2017.