Libero – architecture does matter


Libero – architecture does matter. We present interior visualisations.

“During design works on Galeria Libero we focused manly on the comfort of its future users. Friendly and spacious interiors, natural materials, an abundance of natural light, convenience and clarity of traffic system – these are the main assumptions that we have used as guidelines for design” – says Jarosław Czapski, architect from the Shopping Centre Department of Echo Investment, supervising the process on behalf of the investor.

Echo Investment, before it started designing the interiors of Galeria Libero, commissioned surveys, which helped define the functional and aesthetic preferences of the inhabitants of the southern part of Katowice.

It was the task of the Echo and MOFO architects to transfer these expectations to drawing boards. Jarosław Czapski describes the result of their work as follows:

“The light, modern and spacious interiors of Galeria Libero create an interesting context for the diverse offer prepared for customers. The well-composed colours of the interior materials do not compete with one another but create a coherent and harmonious entirety. Naturally lit up passages connect the main squares, creating a friendly space, which – enriched with noble wood and natural green areas – encourages visitors to stay longer.”

Paweł Zieliński from MOFO Architects adds:

“Artistic shapes, intriguing forms, reflections of sun beams and the delicate textures of the used materials are a counterpoint to the surroundings and make the space we are in become a stage, where, as in a theatre, our daily life takes place against the background of the interior scenery.”