Beauty in public space. Designing a new city square for southern Katowice


Public space plays an important part in fulfilling various needs of contemporary city inhabitants. One of these is the need of beauty.

Public space should be transparent and harmoniously structured. We should understand where it begins and where it ends, whether a given feature is a square or perhaps a street, the form of surrounding developments, existence of public facilities available for everyone, etc.Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, the outcome of a city planning competition resolved in the early 1990s, is considered a model public area in terms of structure. There are an increasing number of such attractive spaces in Poland, not only designed as visually attractive locations but also developed so as to serve the purposes of the local community.

The square in front of the Libero Katowice mall will become such a model public area, with beauty harmonized with functionality. To achieve this goal, we are holding a closed competition procedure to create a detailed development plan for the area in front of Libero Katowice. The result will be a friendly, attractive, harmonious, and multifunctional public space, accessible to everyone.


“We are designing Libero Katowice mall with due care to each detail, responding to specific needs of its future users. It is our goal to intertwine the harmony of beauty and functionality, and to set new standards for comfort. An interesting part of this project is its external square, which will be representative as well as functional. We want this place to be unique, both in terms of architecture and innovative solutions. Therefore, we announced a competition for designing such space, and we invited three experienced and recognized design firms: MOFO, RS+, and jrk72. Design engineering is pending at the moment. Submission of competition works will take place on 15 February. Publication of the results and presentation of the works is scheduled for late February”, says Jarosław Czapski, Architect at Echo Investment Shopping Centers Division.

We will present the outcomes of our work to you in February.

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More about the design firms:

jrk72   Architectural firm existing since 2012. Appreciated for its public area development projects as well as buildings and interior architecture.

MOFO   A modern architectural design firm, present on the real estate project market in Poland and abroad for 15 years. Winner of many awards and honors, e.g. for projects involving creative revitalization of public areas and creation of multifunctional city space.

RS+   Proprietary design firm existing since 2001. Frequently awarded, e.g. for the development project of Paprocany Lake eastern bank development.